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JEMC said:

I didn't even know that the Cell could be described as a heterogeneous CPU.

As for Intel and its Arrow & Meteor Lake chips, well, it's up to anyone's guess if they'll be able to deliver or not. Sadly, their track record isn't very good as of late, so we can't take their announcements as statements, but rather estimates.

For what's worth, they announced that they had tapped out their 1.8 and 2nm processes a few days ago, althought development is still necessary:

I suppose it's possible these nodes are just a refined Intel 4 in GAAFET, which would make them a lot like Samsung's 3 nm (and place TSMC/Samsung's 2 nm actually half a node ahead of Intel's 20/18A).

Still, that's one hell of a tight timeline, especially for HP. If this is an early tape out design as the article suggests then it could be in risk production for a while.