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bowserthedog said:
JRPGfan said:

You don't even need that much.
Imo, as long as you reach "normal" or fit & lean, your well enough off.

Died is key.  I have binge eating disorder so life has been difficult. I finally found success with Ozempic for the first time in my life i have appetite control. 

Diet does matter yes.
However if your "forced" to burn like a extra 1500-2000 calories a day, at work.
You'll notice results, even if you dont change eating habbits. Unless you have a really excessive consumption of things.

Honestly I havent really changed eating habbits, I'd even say I snack more than I used to (I like chips, and chocolate....).

The thing with diets is they have to work for you.
It needs to be something you can easily accept, and stick with, not just for a month or two, but for years and be happy about.
Starveing yourself is a bad way to go about loseing weight imo (you'll bounce back in weight as soon as you stop).
So is forceing yourself to eat things, that just make you unhappy (its never going to last).

Somethings are easy though.
Like cutting out sugars (esp if its in drinks, drop the juice/soda+coke,pepsi whatever), and maybe giveing up white bread.
Drink lots of water, stay way from too much sugars and breads, and just workout for the rest.
Stop eating things that are deepfried (if your american, this isnt very common in europe).

I'd say its okay to have the occasion snack if you feel like you need a little treat or something though.
Again, your diet shouldn't be makeing your life misserable.