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SvennoJ said:

Review from a specialist


As an all-purpose VR headset, it obviously falls short of being essential because it only lives within the PS5 ecosystem; for now (and the foreseeable future) we won't be using this for anything more than playing games on PS5, as amazing as it would surely be for creativity and productivity purposes.

There's a dream in my pipe that Sony will continue to be PC-friendly and eventually unlock the system as PC-compatible, but that would mean opening up their walled garden to let Steam come in and play with their customers, and I can't see any business sense behind them doing that, for now or in the longer term. It feels like a shame. But that trade-off means PSVR2 can put all it's effort in offering a best-in-class experience for that singular, but predominant use-case - playing amazingly immersive VR games.

On that front, it feels like it won't be beaten for a good while, and the recent teases around a PS5 Pro in the next couple of years will see a viable upgrade path in the future that offers even more processing grunt, much like PS4 pro did for the original PSVR. I'm excited to see what comes next, both in terms of future software announcements, and in terms of revisions and updates to the current user experience the device offers. But mostly at the moment I'm still just excited to spend more time with it, which for someone who spends an awful lot of time with their face stuck in various VR boxes is honestly the highest of praise.

At least he holds some shame on saying that Sony could make it PC-compatible while recognizing it wouldn't happen, not this model for this price.

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