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Ok, here are a few hardware news to keep you entertained:

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D already listed in Europe for at least 530 euro

Intel’s 2024 Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs to feature up to 24 cores and support DDR5-6400 memory
A rumor alleges that Intel might have changed its plans for the Meteor Lake-S CPU architecture. The product which was expected between late 2023 and early 2024 is now said to be replaced by Arrow Lake-S. (...)
What is said, however is that a 6P+16E configuration of Meteor Lake-S might indeed be canceled. The company is allegedly planning Arrow Lake-S with 8P+16E config for the new series instead, which is to launch alongside Intel’s new 800-series chipsets.

NVIDIA to release DLSS 3 Unreal Engine 5.2 plugin soon
NVIDIA revealed its plans to release a Frame Generation plugin for game developers that would like to implement this technology into their software. It will be available through “NVIDIA Streamline”, which is a cross-vendor and open-source framework for integration of such technologies.
Alternatively, developers will be provided access to the Unreal Engine 5.2 DLSS3 plugin, which will be released ‘very soon’. This means that the DLSS3 plugin will arrive more than 2 years since the DLSS2 UE plugin was released.

Just when you thought PC HDR gaming couldn't possibly get more awkward this happens
Are you ready for yet another battlefield in the war between AMD and Nvidia? Well, it turns out you can get very different results when driving certain HDR monitors depending on whether you are using AMD or Nvidia graphics hardware.
>> Of course! There always has to be something to make things more complicated than they should.

Samsung Preps Mass Production of Third-Generation 4 nm Chipsets, Start Date Expected Mid-2023
In a Samsung Electronics business report released on March 12, it was revealed that the giant electronics manufacturer will begin mass production of new chips through a 4 nm 2.3-generation process. The newly established manufacturing process is set to start by the end of H1 2023, which means that mid-June would be the expected commencement date. Samsung Semiconductor has managed to produce a satisfactory yield of wafers with the new generation chipsets.
>> More competition to TSMC is better.

PC Monitor Shipments Hit Record Low in Q4 2022, But Recovery Expected in 2024, According to IDC Tracker
Along with the struggling PC market, PC monitor shipments contracted 18.3% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2022 (4Q22) leading to an annual decline of 5.9% for the full year 2022, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker. At just over 30.5 million units, the 4Q22 results marked the lowest fourth quarter volume since IDC began tracking the market in 2008. However, the setback was expected due to the challenging macro environment, which hit both consumer and commercial demand, and the results hewed close to the forecast of a 16.2% decline in fourth quarter shipments.

SteamOS 3.5 is almost here, includes a fix for the Steam Deck's sneakiest performance bug
When a new Windows Update arrives, we tend to groan. Really, right now, Windows? What's this one going to break? Do I really need it? "Remind me later." A new version of the Linux kernel, on the other hand, always seems like a mini event in the open source community, promising exciting new features and performance improvements for the many, many devices that run Linux. The kernel is the foundational building block of Linux that the many distros like Ubuntu and Arch (which Valve's SteamOS is based on) turn into fully fledged operating systems.
The Steam Deck will soon get to share in that "new kernel day" excitement, as Valve's next big update, SteamOS 3.5, will be the first to upgrade the Linux kernel since launch. That means a bevy of good things for Steam Deck owners, though most of them you likely won't even notice.

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