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Wman1996 said:
DonFerrari said:

I would expect late this year if the production is enough.

We might get a repeat of the PS2 timeline (the first PlayStation with a Slim naming, but the PSOne model of the PS1 was technically a slimmer version)

PS2: 2000 PS2 Slim: 2004

PS5: 2020 P55 Slim: 2024

But if we get a repeat of the roughly 3 years for a Slim that we got with the PS3 and PS4, then your expectation will prove correct. But we have to look at context. 

PS3 got a Slim in that time period because the PS3 was not working out and they needed a shift. PS4 got one in that timeline because the PS4 Pro came out around the same time (2 months later than the Slim) and Sony didn't feel like having 3 models. 

Launching a Slim in 2023 makes some sense, but doesn't make as much sense as 2024.

On timeline you are likely correct, I was just replying based on the rumors that the slim was expected for this year (but not sure there have been enough shrinkage on nodes and parts size to give a true slim or if we are going to get the first slim of PS3).

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