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So, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars Fallen Order. Guardian's of the Galaxy. FF9. Ghost of Tsushima

And Borderlands 3.

I played BL2 a lot back in the day, never got around to playing BL3 until now, it was... much the same. Although the drop rate of legendary guns was far too high. In a run of BL2 I got like 2 or 3 legendary items. In BL3 it's like 1 every big fight. Irony is that some other weapons from other means are far more powerful and in reality but those legendaries and other guns made the combat trivial. I remember in BL2 doing the Arena things and legit struggling on the latter stages of them. In this I did it after the main story so my level was the same as the enemies and I made them all first time.

The end game content is decent but prefer to just play through the story with another character. Characters talk for too long, tell me the mission and shut up, comedy is fine but it doenst work if it's only spoken comedy. And why is it the main character is not in cutscenes?

Overall a great game but still.

Hmm, pie.