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Runa216 said:
pikashoe said:

Pretty obvious. Maybe you need to improve your reading comprehension? Not sure what you're not getting?

Are you okay dude? You participated in a conversation and asked questions and seem to be aggressively offended that I...responded to you with answers? 

I repeat, what are you on about? what has you so upset? 

You started talking to me, and immediately picked an argument and insulted me for no reason and started shoving your opinion down my throat. The only question I asked you was what the ps3 slim had to do with mid gen upgrades, as I don't have an issue with cheaper options. You then ignored what I said and mentioned the ps3 slim being cheaper.

All I did in my initial comment was state my personal opinion on mid gen upgrades in agreement with someone else. You are the one that started an argument for no reason. You like these mid gen upgrades and that's fine, all power to you. I personally don't.