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hinch said:

@JEMC Yep. Its Nvidia setting price points and seeing what they can get away with. Thankfully the 4080 has been largely a flop at that price point, but the 4070Ti's seem popular which kinda sucks. And that sets the stage for the 4070.

Not sure if thats true, or AMD/RTG just missing performance/power targets with RDNA 3. Maybe they couldn't get the final product to match performance targets on mass scale, hence the lower clock speeds and/or decoupled clocks.

And the situation with Navi 32 and 33 I feel like AMD is also sitting on the sidelines, yet again. Waiting for Nvidia to pull the first move. There was only one quarter time frame last gen from the Navi 21 to 22. For Ampere two months between GA102 to 104. AMD would be completely dropping the ball if they don't followup an annoucement of their 7800XT soon. Seeing as the 4070 release is only a month away. Massive opportunity for AMD to swoop in gain marketshare and mindshare if it launches soon and priced right (because lets face it, its beefed up X7XX tier card), after all this horrible pricing this generation, it might revive people's enthusiasm in PC hardware after a load of nothing-burger releases outside of TOTL $1000/1600 GPU's.

At this point, it would be very easy for AMD to win a ton of marketshare by simply launching their new cards with a ∼20% performance increase gen over gen at the same price points those cards were.

As imagine a 7800XT that's ∼20% faster than the 6800XT, making it faster than a 3080 in everything but ray tracing, for $649. That would make it $100 cheaper than the 4070, if the rumor is true, while giving roughly the same performance (if not more) in all but RT escenarios.

Oh, well, we can dream.

WoodenPints said:
JEMC said:

Someone dropped over $150K on a CS:GO gun skin and I think it's time for the revolution
In an event that future historians will point to as evidence of our hubris and decadence, a spendthrift player has splashed a six-figure sum on a single AK-47 skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Spotted by Dexerto, a CS:GO player over on the Chinese version of Buff—a marketplace for players to trade digital doodads like skins and stickers—spent ¥1,095,000 (that's Chinese yuan) on a "factory new" Wild Lotus skin bedecked in four rare stickers. That's about $160,000/£131,500.
>> This proves that some people can stay alive with no brain activity.

....and I thought I did well selling some random TF2 skins I randomly had on my Steam account for £40 each a few years ago, I don't know where they came from since I haven't played TF2 before but it was a nice bonus.

That sucks, but I'm sure you were quite happy when you got £40 a piece back then.

Captain_Yuri said:

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 (Ti) Founders Edition has been pictured as well

We've had so many articles comparing the scaling of the 4090 on different PCIe situations, all coming to the conclusion that x16 PCIe 4.0 lanes are more than enough for it, that I don't think a card that's 1/3 of its power will be bottlenecked by those x8 lanes.

It sucks, of course, but I don't think it will matter much unless you put it into an old system with PCIe 3.0.

As a side note, you're on holidays with the family! Don't post hardware news!

Please excuse my bad English.

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