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JEMC said:

Someone dropped over $150K on a CS:GO gun skin and I think it's time for the revolution
In an event that future historians will point to as evidence of our hubris and decadence, a spendthrift player has splashed a six-figure sum on a single AK-47 skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Spotted by Dexerto, a CS:GO player over on the Chinese version of Buff—a marketplace for players to trade digital doodads like skins and stickers—spent ¥1,095,000 (that's Chinese yuan) on a "factory new" Wild Lotus skin bedecked in four rare stickers. That's about $160,000/£131,500.
>> This proves that some people can stay alive with no brain activity.

....and I thought I did well selling some random TF2 skins I randomly had on my Steam account for £40 each a few years ago, I don't know where they came from since I haven't played TF2 before but it was a nice bonus.