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Runa216 said:
pikashoe said:

I agree, just feels like a middle finger to early adopters.

Both the PS3 slim and the PS4 pro came out 3 years after the console's initial release. 

This 'waaah, early adopters are getting screwed' take is so weird to me. You know what you're getting into getting any game or console at launch. Technology improves. Prices tend to go down. Deals and discounts happen after release. Been like that basically as long as there's been media or technology of ANY kind. If you don't...maybe you shouldn't be investing in hardware or software because you're clearly a child with no concept of time and technological progression yet. 

** User Runa216 was given a warning for calling a user childish.

What does the ps3 slim have to do with anything, it wasn't more powerful than a normal ps3. I have no issue with slim models or cheaper alternatives, becuase they are generally targeting people who may not be able to afford the full priced version. These pro consoles for the most part are targeting people who already own the console.