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ConservagameR said:

Nvidia could be using a little reverse psychology maybe, or something like that. They know they're charging too much, we know they're charging too much, and what consumers are most afraid of is prices increasing even more so. If Nvidia sets prices unreasonably high before launch, in which case they're very likely to leak, if they didn't end up leaking themselves, then after gamers get all wound up over how costly these new cards will be, Nvidia can then price them $50-$100 lower and it'll be seen as a relief and will make Nvidia seem like they're not quite so bad as they came to their senses, or so it will seem.
This would also let Nvidia know where people stand as to what price ranges they feel are suitable right now for this tier of card, as some of you have already pointed out. They would get to charge the maximum amount they could get away with, while also seeming not so bad.

I mean, we've heard in recent years that game studios, mostly publishers, have been hiring psych docs to help them trick and manipulate players into spending more money on their games (via lootboxes, battlepasses, MT's, etc). so it wouldn't surprise me to se the GPU hardware space also hiring them to trick their own market into spending or doing what they want at a certain time.

It's kinda sick and twisted when you really step back and think about how psych docs are being used in different industries, but I guess said docs have no soul of their own to sell their practices for money, even if it ends up tricking kids and other folks into easily parting with their money, for worse off value. 

My own mother was a psychiatric nurse, so I'm sorta numb to psychology gigs (recently went to see a therapist for my eating condition, and well... it didn't work, because I know how they try to trick your mind into thinking positive, without the use of meds, and I just don't believe in that, because that's what I grew up with via my mother's job).

It's also why I'm not fooled by the 599 or specifically the .99 price points, because I'm not dumb to see that 599 is basically 600, thus 599 isn't good value, but it being 400-500 is better than 600.

Last edited by Chazore - on 16 March 2023

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