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Spike0503 said:
JackHandy said:

It was an interesting time to be a gamer period. For instance, in 1994, Sega attempted a version of Gamepass, nearly twenty-three years before Microsoft launched theirs. lol. It was an era of excitement and wild experimentation. I miss it. 

I've actually heard of that in a book called Console Wars. Was it called Sega Channel? It's too bad it didn't work, it was truly ahead of its time.

I can only imagine what people at the time felt like when they played some of my favorite games (most of them are from the 90's) Stuff like MGS, the FF games on the PS1, Diablo and Fallout. It must have been amazing to experience those games back when they were released.

 Nintendo also put out the Sateliview which was similar to SEGA Channel. Where SEGA got exclusive Wily Wars and Pulseman from Game Freak. Nitendo put out a special MOTHER game and BS Zelda. You could play at certain hours of the day.

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