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Chrkeller said:

The ps4 pro was the biggest waste of money I spent in gaming. It wasn't a noticeable jump, not for the cost.  People seem to want pro versions, just my opinion, but I don't think it is worth it.

It made a big difference for PSVR yet indeed for regular games, basically the larger HDD was the biggest upgrade :/

As I can't see the difference between 1440p and native 4K anyway from my sitting position, it will be the same as with ps4 pro. Significant advantages for PSVR2 (super sampling, higher resolutions, native 90/120 fps) and I'll get one. As for ray tracing, still haven't seen anything yet that makes it worth paying extra for or sacrificing other details. Fully ray traced games will come, but as enhancements it's just not convincing.