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hinch said:
JEMC said:

I agree that the rumored $750 price tag is hard to believe given how close it is to the price of the 4070Ti and how much cut out the is this GPU (according to the rumors we have).

But well, we're at a point where I no longer have any idea of what's going on with GPU prices. Is the rumor simply wrong? Maybe. Is Nvidia actually going with this price? Given how they prices th 4080 to upsell the 4090, I can't rule out the possibility of Nvidia doing something similar with the 4070 to further strenght the value of the 4070Ti.

Also, given how well the 4070Ti sold at launch, could it be that Nvidia is testing how much is people willing to spend on these cards, hence the high price? Unlikely but, as I said, I can't say I'd be surprised if this was the case.

And lastly, there's the possibility of Nvidia launching this rumor so that, once they reveal the card for $700, people don't complain about it and instead posts messages of how glad they are that it's not as expensive as they feared. Given how the market goes, this is also a very likely possibility.

Anyway, we live in strange times when it comes to GPU pricing. Nightmarish times.

Could also be Nvidia testing the market with these 'leaks' and see how people react to these prices. Gaslighting figures to AiB's and adjusting if nessessary. Or those sources/MLID just spouting nonsense. Maybe something lost in translation and its Nvidia's suggested MSRP for AiB is $750, not for Founder Edition. Though I wouldn't be at all surprised if Nvidia tried this. We did have that 4080 12GB > 4070Ti debacle and even that ended up overpriced for its tier.

Feels like Nvidia is happy selling 4090's and lesser quantities for the rest of the stack at higher margins and pushing 3000 series onto everyone else. I mean if they priced the 4070 too low, they'd eat into the 3000 series market. And they have a shit ton of ampere stock to shift.

But yeah, this generation is an easy skip if you have a good enough (last gen) GPU already. With AMD near enough MIA with the rest of RDNA3 stack and Nvidia running rampant, the GPU market has stagnated; offering nearly no price/performance value up from last gen. Which hasn't happened since the Turing days. But now, its worse than ever.

It could certainly be Nvidia trying to figure out how much people are willing to spend on their cards. So far they've learned that their consumers are "happy" to spend $1600 on a xx90 card and it also seems that $800 on a xx70 Ti card is also fine. The $1200 of the 4080 didn't pan out, tho, at least not with that performance drop. So yeah, Nvidia could be trying to find out if "we" would bite the trap on a $750 xx70 GPU.

But we'll see.

As for AMD, they're attitude it's quite strange. We know that they're better at keeping secrets that Nvidia, but the lack of news regarding any of the Navi 32 GPUs is starting to be worrisome. It's another sign that AMD wasn't ready to launch its cards and rushed to launch something, which brought lots of troubles.
It also makes you wonder if that rumor/leak about Navi 31 stating that it had a bug that prevented it from reaching the planned higher clocks (remember the 3GHz frequency rumors?), a bug that they would fix in Navi 32, had some truth in it. It could explain why AMD is so quiet about the rest of their lineup, because they still have to fix several problems.

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