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Further information:

For anyone not around during the late 90s; the above image might look like some sort of fever dream but this is an official Sony Product designed to enable internet access for the original PlayStation. 

  • Yes, this did get released!
  • Yes, there are games that use it!
  • No, it didn't leave Japan!

Maybe the most well known game to use it was iMode Mo Issyo:

A game that is not only an expansion pack for the Sony Mascot game; Doko Demo Issyo but also must be used in conjunction with the Japanese only Sony Pocket Station.

If any of this topic seems interesting to you, I'd really like it if you watch the video I made on it which I linked just below the first image.  If you made it this far into the post, you'll probably really like the video!

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.