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I agree that the rumored $750 price tag is hard to believe given how close it is to the price of the 4070Ti and how much cut out the is this GPU (according to the rumors we have).

But well, we're at a point where I no longer have any idea of what's going on with GPU prices. Is the rumor simply wrong? Maybe. Is Nvidia actually going with this price? Given how they prices th 4080 to upsell the 4090, I can't rule out the possibility of Nvidia doing something similar with the 4070 to further strenght the value of the 4070Ti.

Also, given how well the 4070Ti sold at launch, could it be that Nvidia is testing how much is people willing to spend on these cards, hence the high price? Unlikely but, as I said, I can't say I'd be surprised if this was the case.

And lastly, there's the possibility of Nvidia launching this rumor so that, once they reveal the card for $700, people don't complain about it and instead posts messages of how glad they are that it's not as expensive as they feared. Given how the market goes, this is also a very likely possibility.

Anyway, we live in strange times when it comes to GPU pricing. Nightmarish times.

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