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The Wednesday news, all in one post:


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Here’s Resident Evil 4 Remake with fixed camera angles & first-person view
Resident Evil fans, here is something special for you today. TheResidentofEvil and praydog have released two videos, showcasing Resident Evil 4 Remake with fixed camera angles and a first-person mode.
Let’s start with the first video. Created by TheResidentofEvil, this is a proof-of-concept video and nothing more. This isn’t a mod, and you cannot download it from anywhere. (...)
The other video is from modder praydog. This video shows off an early version of a first-person mod that praydog is currently working on. As we can see, this first-person camera mod looks pretty rough. Still, it can give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

Take a look at the 2D Shooter & 3D Remakes of the classic Fallout games
Modders ‘jonaszIGD’ and ‘OldFallout’ are working on two amazing projects for the first two classic Fallout games. The first project is a 3D Remake of Fallout 2, whereas the second one is re-imagining the first Fallout as a 2D side-scrolling game.

Modders use AI to give Skyrim's Dragonborn the voice of Master Chief, and I am once again asking if this is actually legal
Skyrim can feel pretty long in the tooth these days. Although the game gets re-released once every four months, it originally came out in 2011, and there are plenty of design quirks lurking in its Gamebryo frame that can make it hard to get into if you're used to modern, lavish productions.
Take, for example, the silent protagonist. Wouldn't it be better if we could hear the Dragonborn inflect and emote? Wouldn't it be better if classic lines like "On second thought, never mind" were delivered with the full range of the human larynx? Wouldn't it be better if the game were literally voiced by Master Chief from Halo?
Well, dreams do come true, because thanks to the questionable power of AI voice generation, modders have been hard at work asking if they 'can' and not if they 'should'. The Master Chief Voicepack for Skyrim is just one of many, many AI-synthesised voice mods that a modder called FearTCB has cooked up in recent months. You can also play using Geralt's voice, Kratos', Ciri's, or the echoey, booming tones of Morrowind's Dagoth Ur, plus others.
>> There's a short video of the mod.


Pre-Dark Souls action-adventure PC game, Blade of Darkness, gets a free HD Update
The SNEG team has released a free HD Update for the pre-Dark Souls fantasy action-adventure game, Blade of Darkness. This free update will improve the game’s graphics by using higher-quality textures and some new graphical effects.

The detective noir Tron game from the Thomas Was Alone creator has a new trailer and releases next month
Tron: Identity, the upcoming Tron-iverse visual novel from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, has a new gameplay trailer and a release date. You'll be donning your electric nightwear, mounting a lightcycle, and making all sorts of really bad computer decisions when the game releases on April 11.

The Chaos Dwarfs, one of Total War: Warhammer 3's most anticipated factions, finally come to the game next month
The Chaos Dwarfs are coming. That's not the last, baffled whimper of my diseased mind, it's a statement of fact: Chaos Dwarf DLC is finally coming to Total War: Warhammer 3 alongside the game's 3.0 update on April 13.

Minecraft 1.20 features are now included in the latest game version as an experiment toggle
Although we don't know the launch date for the next major Minecraft update, today's Java version update 1.19.4 actually includes a toggle to activate all of the big Minecraft 1.20 features that have been announced so far. So you don't need to go juggling snapshot versions anymore if you want to take a test drive with the new sniffer, cherry blossom biome, and archeology features.

Was anyone else obsessed with Terminal Velocity in the '90s? It just got an update
I don't know how Terminal Velocity landed on my family's PC in the mid-'90s, but I know I spent too much time playing it. We didn't even have the full game, just the shareware version which only included the first chapter, and I'm pretty sure I never actually bothered to reach the end of that chapter. I just liked flying the spaceship around.
An updated version called Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition released today, and by contemporary standards, that first level I played so much of is barely a videogame: You fly around above an alien planet shooting enemy ships and tanks and buildings, collecting power-up orbs, and sometimes flying through tunnels. The flight model gives you a level of control that's close to Descent's, but you always have some forward momentum. There ain't much to it, but I still remember why I was so into it: the scale. It felt like you could fly through the first planet's mountain range forever. (The Steam page says there are "over 400,000 sq miles of terrain," for whatever that's worth.)

Indie dev accused of using stolen FromSoftware animations removes them, warns others against trusting marketplace assets
The makers of the indie soulslike Bleak Faith: Forsaken have removed assets that were allegedly lifted from FromSoftware games. Archangel Games says Epic Games has now removed the third-party listings from the Unreal Engine marketplace, but it still hasn't told the studio whether or not they were actually stolen.

Valve teases CS:GO players with another 'Counter-Strike 2' reference, this time in the Steam backend
A couple weeks ago, data mined from an Nvidia driver intensified speculation that Valve is close to releasing a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on its Source 2 engine. Now Valve is mucking around with the CS:GO data on the Steam backend, and if this rumored Source 2 version isn't actually imminent, then Gabe is just messing with us on purpose.

Cities: Skylines puts out its final DLC roadmap before it goes away for good
Cities: Skylines is going through its bucket list ahead of this year's release of Cities: Skylines 2. Before it shuffles off stage entirely, the first game is bringing eight years of updates to a close with a raft of themed "World Tour" DLC, plus some new music, new buildings, and one final "mini expansion".

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