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I don't see this as a middle finger to early adopters, it's launching 4 years minimum after the original. PS4 Pro launched only 3 years after the PS4 to a lukewarm reception, and most people kept buying the standard PS4 which was about a third the power. I think Sony's going for a "limited" production (10-15 million), high specs (RTX 4070~), at a minimum price of $700 for the disk drive version and $600 for the DE. It'll be positioned as their enthusiast console so it won't matter if it doesn't sell much. It's for the few that care too much about resolutions and don't intend to switch to PC.

I'll probably get the standard PS5, upgrade my PC towards the end of the generation and make it my sole/primary gaming system, then switch back to PS (PS6) 3 years into the generation when crossgen is hopefully over. This would be repeat to my gaming path last generation.