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Mar1217 said:

So we finally get a year where PS5 stocks can run through it all, just to possibly announce the existence of a better console a year from now on ...

I mean to me, this simply looks like another "Switch Pro" situation in the making. Otherwise, were it to be true, then it truly feels like the middle finger to those who were promised the advancements from this generation.

Also if you thought the PS5 and Xbox Series X were pricey ... Oh my sweet mother child, how much do you think these will cost upwards of the current consoles. Certainly one way to boost their revenue...

It doesn't seem like that bad of a deal to me. Sony is already planning to launch a revised PS5 model this year, allowing more flexibility when it comes to price cuts for the baseline models in the future, and the Pro models would offer a marginal improvement (from having performance options to one mode of 4K/60FPS) at best.

Consumers with the base PS5 would still get all the advancements of this generation even if a Pro model were to release next year. And even if Sony weren't planning to release a PS5 Pro, they could very well cut the price of the PS5 next year, which could be seen as a middle finger to consumers who purchased the PS5 the year prior.