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haxxiy said:
Zippy6 said:

Hard R means the way of pronouncing it.

-gger rather than -gga. The hard R is supposedly more offensive. Honestly I couldn't tell the difference between the pronunciations anyway.

Could it be really just the rhotics? So it's less of a slur in the UK? Or when you use very stereotypical 'ebonics'? Crazy Americans :D

Anyway, we're getting a bit off topic here. Glad that Linus was able to sail off that one haha.

I'm from the IoM, which is basically right next to and a lot like the UK, and the R was pretty much reffed to as Retard, not with the N word.

That's why I knew when watching that Linus clip, that he meant retard and not the N word or hard racist. 

I actually find it kinda weird how ppl actually thought he meant he was racist, or used the N word, yet all I hear from US servers on discord and twitter all the time, is that saying retard is somehow worse than the N word, that using retard on said servers is bannable, and getting you called on out Twitter... I feel like the US has it completely backwards, as retardation as a word has existed far longer than the N word, yet the N word was actually used as a slur to begin with.

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