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JRPGfan said:
bowserthedog said:

If you're shorter as a male you just need to do something to make up for it. Like hit the gym and get larger muscles. You'll be fine. Just level yourself up in other ways.

You don't even need that much.
Imo, as long as you reach "normal" or fit & lean, your well enough off.

Like no one wants to be fat.
And people that go "i'm fine with my size" (while being heavily overweight) (are basically saying "I've accepted I can't make a effort to change").
I get "plus sized models", as its a way to sell clothes to normal people, most of which, are too lazy to do anything about their weight.
However its not healthy, being that big. And even though they preach accepting your body (size), they can be doing many a disservice with it (health wise).

If you have insecurities about your body, one thing is for sure though, being fat ontop isnt going to make it any better.

I walk like 20,000-25,000+ steps at work, daily.
And honestly if I didn't, I'm sure my weight loss would have taken alot longer.
This is also why I think just going for walks ect, is a great addition to anything workout related.
Like squeeze in a hour or two a day, after work, or on weekends. Just go for a walk outsides.

You can walk yourself slim, if you want.
If your too big to run/jog, if you got bad knee's, ect ect.
Everyone can walk. Its not that hard on you, you just need persistance.

Man I want Spring already, where I live it has been raining pretty much non stop since December. It's much easier to walk when it's at least +10C outside and not raining. Today it was raining until 1 PM but then skies cleared and it was suddenly +16C and I walked 5 kilometers today. It was nice, but my shoe keeps rubbing my foot, it got hurt.