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SKMBlake said:
EpicRandy said:

But the real question should actualy be is there a game that run well on Series X that run poorly on Series S. 

Well Wo Long runs pretty well on Series X

Really? At 1440p resolutions mode and 1260p performance very far from what is typical 9th gen target. considering those res it's impressive the series s manage 900p on both settings instead of defaulting to 720p, 900P on S should have been a 1800p target for Series X and Ps5. even more impressive considering Series S manage less deviation from target FPS than both Series X and PS5.

Ode to a masterpiece

2023 so much great game to play, somehow I know I must walk that alley, but don't you feel in disarray, I'll always come back to you Stardew Valley.