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Qwark said:
EpicRandy said:

It still result in 2 different specs with which dev have to deal with and they deal with it with very similar aproach. But yeah the difference X/S vs switch dock vs handeld is greater but so is 1080p/4k vs 720p/1080p. 

Also it does not loose 60% of the ram 10/16 is 62 % which is 38% lower not 60%

Yeah but resolution is only one thing, it's about shadows, lightening, particles, draw distance etc. Xbox Series S can run many last gen games in 1440p. Many games on PS4 target 1440p, since the visual quality doesn't get that much better above that. Better lightening, shadows and effects do way more. Yet a game mostly designed around the specs for PS5, might simply not run as well on Series S by only adjusting the resolution.

Everything needs to be lowered, probably to the point below low settings for pc, since PS5 is basically mid pc at this point for current gen only games. The Witcher 3 can run on Switch for example, but only with really big drawbacks and it cost a lot of time to make those.

If the game doesn't release on gamepass I can definitely see Devs not going to optimize for the Xbox S version and just put the settings on low and call it a day. For most games it's not like where the bulk of the sales come from. For promotion you want the game to look as good as possible on the main platform, probably PS5. So that doesn't help either 

Resolution is only the target output. If you target 1080p instead of 4k you will use assets accordingly too. Meshes with less LoD, smaller texture, less detailed particles effects etc.. Ligtning will be easier to process with models having less polygons so will be shadows and every post processing. 

All consoles were only equivalent to average build 2 years into their gen nothing new here. The 8th gen was even worst. The point of console is you have a specific target to witch you can really optimize for compare to PC and this is also true for Series S. 

Ports to the switch cost a lot of time for the devs because it has a way les capable CPU which is also arm instead of X86. A lot of logics have to be rewritten to be optimized for ARM. Also you have a GPU that is about 1/8 the power of the series S when handled and feature older tech. Imagine a trying to cram a 1080p or 900p or even a 720p Series S title into a 720p switch one with only  ~1/8 of the processing power. And even then devs are making a good experience. Series S port from the X will never be as time consuming as this nor they will be as reductive.

If devs decide to go the easy route and put settings on low they have every right to do so but most will do better has they are now. Even then the option for an extremly easy & lazy ports make the case that MS don't need to do anything with the series S except selling as much as they can all through the gen.

Last edited by EpicRandy - on 13 March 2023

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