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SKMBlake said:

I can name 1st party or indie games that run good on the Series S, I can even name games that have Ray Tracing on the Series S. But that wouldn't be my point.

Well, actually, no you cannot just ignore games that work just fine.  

I def can, cause it's not the point of the thread.

I could've made a thread about the Switch and 3rd party devs not porting games on it, and your answer would've been the same. But wouldn't be my point.

Is there games that run well on the Series S ? Yes

Is there games that run poorly on the Series S ? Also yes

Is there issues with games needing to have parity between the Series X and S ? Also also yes.

The mere existence of games running well on the Series S do not cancel the other issues. Even if it's a dev issue.

Could the Switch run proper versions of Fifa ? Probably. Does EA develop proper Fifa on the Switch ? No. And that's an issue.