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JRPGfan said:
Radek said:

Thank You. I will try, but after years of thinking about them I'm scared to meet with women especially. While I realize some people have things worse, such as missing limbs or being blind or deaf, I still can't get over my hands as if it's the biggest deal in the world. I think my palm size is OK lenght, but the fingers are definitely short and thin, very unusual for people of every race and gender.

Here's my hands compared to Nintendo Switch, I'm very scared to actually post it :c

I cant believe Im commenting on a guys hands.... of all things.
Oh well... here it is, your hands look normal in size (considering your 173cm tall).

If anything, all that stood out to me was just "that's a chunky hand/arm".
I'm guessing your probably abit overweight.... if your concerned about body image, nothing really boosts confidence as loseing weight does.
I had put on alot of weight myself (was over 90kg like 1,5 years ago), and let me tell you, nothing beats loseing like 20-25kg of "fat" and starting toneing up, as far as confidence goes (from personal experiance).

Yes. I'm obese right now. I'm 102 kg and I want to lose around 20 kg.