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Radek said:

Hello, guys there's one thing about my body that really makes my life miserable... it's the size of my hands and fingers, which are extremely small and thin - especially for a male which makes it worse. Every time I have to go out to buy groceries, buy meds in Pharmacy, go to a Doctor or see people anywhere else I can't help but notice that even women and teens have hands much bigger than mine. This thought prevented me from trying to find friends and date with women for the longest time and I'm almost 29 now. Why have I been cursed with hands this small, this is very unusual as I'm not the shortest guy at 5'8" - 173 cm and my feet while not big are within male range of shoe sizes.

Can somebody relate, does anyone know how other people would react to meeting someone with small hands like mine?

Own it. 

I have tiny hands myself and i often compare them with my female friends. Usually get a good laugh out of it. 

Also, i really don't see the problem. Your hands look perfectly normal.