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Idk, I never really understood the importance of backwards compatibility. If I ever wanted to play older games, I just boot up my old console. I never used the backwards compatibility on the 3DS, Wii, and barely used it on Wii U + non-nintendo systems. Obviously having it is a bonus, but I feel like the gaming community is that small portion of the whole that values backwards compatibility. I feel like majority of people outside of the community are like me, they don't really care about whether they can play old games or not. Nobody will buy a new console just for backwards compatibility, new games are obviously the main dish. Now, if they can somehow improve the performance of older games with it being backwards compatible, it might be a different story. It also depends on what the concept of the new console is going to be since we still don't know. If they are going to keep the hybrid format making an improved version of the current Switch, I think a lot of people would hope for backwards compatibility. If it's a new "interesting" console with different concepts, then not so much.

People are saying something like "there's no way they would throw away the current userbase!" or "With how successful the Switch it would be stupid to throw away the hybrid concept!" I don't think so and history also proves my point. Every time Nintendo succeeded, it was with something new. Arcade - NES, GBA - DS, GameCube - Wii, Wii U/3DS - Switch. In other words, every time they failed/sold less, it was an upgraded version of their previous system. NES - SNES, GameBoy - GBA, DS - 3DS, Wii - Wii U. There is no guarantee that the "current userbase" would remain by just adding backwards compatibility, and new customers certainly won't need it. I can't imagine Switch 2 doing better than the Switch. It they're releasing a "new console" I'm hoping for innovation. Innovation is where Nintendo thrives. If not, I would rather get a Switch Pro than a Switch 2.