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kazuyamishima said:
the-pi-guy said:

Sony's CFO reiterated that they still had 0.7 trillion yen ($5 billion) for acquisitions and investments in the next year. 

Really don't expect them to acquire a publisher. But I think it's incredibly likely that SIE acquires more studios. 

They can still get Square Enix, right?

Probably not.

Reasons against:

Square is a little more than that at 0.778 trillion yen, and you'd have to put a premium on top of that. So probably more like 1 - 1.1 trillion yen. ($7.4 billion to $8 billion)

The 0.7 trillion yen will be shared amongst the divisions. And usually SIE gets less of it.

Reasons it's not impossible:

They are focusing on SIE expansions more specifically.

They made it clear when they were setting up these proposals, that the dollar amounts would be somewhat flexible. If the right opportunity came up, they would spend more if they had to.

So overall, it's not impossible but I wouldn't expect it.