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the-pi-guy said:

Linus is genuinely jealous of PSVR2.

Quite a few things that don't yet exist on PC yet; or do exist and are prohibitively expensive.

There was a post from a developer for PCVR on Reddit a couple days back. He stated that the PCVR game market is stagnating due to fragmentation, too many different hardware combinations to support. And if you don't have it working perfectly day one on all legacy hardware, then you get negative reviews straight away.

In the end the cost reward ratio for making PCVR games didn't work for them anymore. I imagine competing with free mods it's hard to put a high enough price up, reflecting the hard work that went into making the game.

So he was glad PSVR2 came along. One hardware spec and a lot of new people willing to pay for games.

Here's the original post. Lot of interesting stuff in the replies.