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PotentHerbs said:
the-pi-guy said:

I feel like "bargain" is a bit of a stretch so far. It was a lot of money they spent on Bungie. 

But I think Bungie is off to a great start under SIE. Seems like there's a lot in the works there with Marathon, Matter, and possibly other titles.  

So much growth there, it's insane. If someone would have told me that Sony would have had a studio pushing 1,000 people in it, 15 months ago, I would have said they were insane. But here we are.

Bungie is going to be critical for Sony going forward.

Destiny 2 is going to print money for Sony throughout this decade, but having another popular multiplayer hit with Marathon or Matter, will dramatically strengthen their business. More importantly, it seems like Bungie will be pushing more content this generation compared to most of their competitors in the live service space. 

That was short lived. Lightfall is proving to be a stumble and player counts already dropped by 100,000 along with thousands of negative reviews Currently sitting at 29% Bungie in quality has always been a mixed bag ever since Destiny launched. I put in over 1500 hours into Destiny 2 alone and even I was miserable at times lol. 

Still though, even with a bad expansion, Destiny 2 will still be a top dollar maker on Steam. 

Last edited by G2ThaUNiT - on 02 March 2023