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Been replaying Horizon 1. Played it when it first came out, but for whatever reason never quite finished the game. And as a result never got around to playing Horizon 2, despite buying it at launch. So that's unfortunate.

Had a really great time with Horizon. It's been quite a long time that I forgot quite a few of the story particulars. And in a lot of ways it felt like I was playing the game for the first time.

A lot of great things about the game. Story is a really good time. Visuals are great. There were some pop in bugs, and many of the animations were not the best. But generally serviceable. 

The controls feel great. The sounds are great. Overall a fantastic game.

The big thing I would complain about is that the combat can be very messy. There's a huge power differential. The bigger machines are just all around faster, bigger and stronger. And it's really easy to just get thrashed around for a good while. And it can take quite a lot of the fun out of the experience I think when it does happen.

Some smaller complaints: fast travel is tied to items; but that's a very minor one. A lot of the characters in the game are barely NPCs. They are almost more like interactable objects. They don't even have an actual name. They're just "Nora Brave" or something like that.

axumblade said:

Looking good, pi! :)