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I 'finished' Pistol Whip today, or rather played every song once. It still doesn't feel like a rhythm game to me, but it's a good workout, squat simulator lol. It's a cool game, looks great on PSVR2, but none of the music stood out to me for having a second go at a stage. It simply felt like shooting targets with a soundtrack, the correlation between shooting and the music never solidified. At most I had 70% rhythm score.

I played with the sound coming from my amplifier to turn it up and get some bass. Unfortunately it only outputs stereo with not even a lot of stereo in the music so 90% just came out of the center speaker. I set it to 5.1 channel stereo to at least feel like I was in the music. Played all the stages on hard, but with infinite ammo, one shot kills and targets instead of people. (just turns it into shapes that shoot at you). And also turned no death mode on so it wouldn't make me restart a stage. Didn't really need it, but it being on removed the worry of having to restart in case I screwed up. The only times it came in use is when I was standing too far forward which somehow makes you hit all the obstacles despite clearly dodging them from your pov.

The constant "back to center" warnings were annoying, and if not moving back in time, paused, "move back to your original position". Don't make me dodge so many things and not allow me to move around! Very immersion breaking, but it did save my TV from damage :) One time the game paused and the see through mode came on with me right in front of the tv lol. Boundary area works!

Anyway good workout, dress light ;) Great when you can't get warm, do a bit of this or Kayak VR. However once Beat Saber gets upgraded, Pistol Whip will go to the bottom of the pile.

Synthriders looks interesting as another active game, maybe I'll try it. Not sure yet, no demo, need to hear some of the music first.