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Demo time:

Drums rock: Another rhythm game. It works, played while seating behind a drum kit. Not my kind of music though and looks quite simple. Not for me.

Puzzling places: Very relaxing game, build a 3D puzzle in front of you or around you. Very satisfying when all the pieces start falling into place. Looks like an expensive hobby though as more puzzles are all sold separately. The base game has a good selection to keep you busy for a while and you can choose to divide each puzzle up in 25 pieces all the way to I assume 1000 (above 200 is locked in the demo). I did the Mont Saint Michel puzzle with 50 pieces, took me long enough lol.

It's a perfect 'game' for AR, would be cool if it worked over top of see through mode (although see through mode is B&W)
You can on Quest so maybe they'll add it as well for PSVR2.

Humanity: Honestly I did not expect much from this, it looks pretty bad on TV. In VR however the entire game is transformed and looks really good. It's a beta, they still need to make the cut scenes for VR Very jarring it switching between theater mode, huge ugly graphics, then back to having a detailed 3D model floating in front of you. From ugh that's hard to look at, it turned into a must buy for me. Lemmings in VR, it works!

Time to charge the sense controllers, need em full for RE: Village later tonight :)