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I played No Man's Sky some more, this time starting with relaxed settings so not to die over and over trying to follow the tutorial lol. Yep it's cool, but it feels like a rushed release to say the least. Distance detail is very disappointing, like it's a straight port from PSVR1 without any upgrades to the graphics. Close up everything is sharp and clear yet aliasing is very visible around straight lines and trees further away shimmer all the time. I don't think this has any foveated rendering working yet, nor HDR.

Flight controls are pretty awful as well, almost made me nauseous trying to fly. For whatever reason you can't use the analog sticks to fly??? The right analog stick only controls rotation, you have to keep your hand on the throttle and joystick in the ship to steer. Very uncomfortable holding your hands in front of you in the air, and if you rest them on your lap tracking can get glitchy. Disappointing.

I can also use some optional input filtering for the menus. My hands aren't that steady anymore so holding up menus in front of me with my left hand, any bit of jitter in my hand gets amplified and the menu shakes about. The text is very clear to read, however now the menus jitter around making it hard to read lol.

The good bits, can run at full speed no restrictions. Using the sense controllers feels great apart from my own short comings. Playing for an hour definitely gave me the itch to keep on going for who knows how long again. But I think it's better to wait for the next patch, hopefully improving flight controls and other options as well as proper foveated rendering. It definitely works in its current state, but there is lots of room for improvement. In this case I would rather have had a paid upgrade with the kinks ironed out and full HDR foveated rendering added.