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Soundwave said:

Third, Furukawa told investors he doesn't think new hardware would boost sales much this year (from the Q&A):

"But in the Nintendo Switch’s seventh year, it might be hard to increase unit sales with hardware-related initiatives alone. That is my candid impression."

That doesn't really sound like new hardware this year. Of course Nintendo can do whatever, but I do have some doubts. We'll see I guess if there's increased chatter/leaks in the next few months.

I think you missed a keyword in that sentence. At least you didn't adress it.
There's a distinction between"hardware-related initiatives" and "hardware-related initiatives alone".

Meaning that hardware-related initiatives coupled with something like new software may be viewed in a different light.

As for why they'd launch the system months after Zelda,I don't think that would hurt the launch in any way as long as they have compelling software at launch, such as Mario Kart, which is their biggest seller on Switch. Or a new Mario. It's been 6 years since last time.
And getting people to buy Zelda again for the enhanced version doesn't seem like a bad idea.