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TallSilhouette said:

Does the display have a variable pixel density or does foveated rendering just automatically lower resolution around the edges of the screen? I feel like I can only see things in full focus and clarity if I'm facing directly at them, regardless of where my eyes are pointed.

There's a few different things you might be seeing.

The panel doesn't have variable pixel density (but the lenses kind of do), but you will probably find that the further away from the center "sweet spot", you'll find that things look notably lower resolution there. Which is more due to the lenses, than the display.

You might also be seeing foveated rendering not actually be eye tracked foveated rendering. A lot of PSVR1 games would use a "fixed" foveated rendering, and have the middle of the screen higher resolution, and the edges lower resolution, but there was no eye tracking with that. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the PSVR2 games were still using that technique. 

Last edited by the-pi-guy - on 27 February 2023