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TallSilhouette said:

Does the display have a variable pixel density or does foveated rendering just automatically lower resolution around the edges of the screen? I feel like I can only see things in full focus and clarity if I'm facing directly at them, regardless of where my eyes are pointed.

Depends if the game uses gaze tracking for foveated rendering. I imagine the older games might not be compatible with variable foveated rendering. It works in Kayak VR, RE Village, GT7 and CotM. Make sure gaze tracking works correctly for you, check in settings.

The resolution on the edges is lower in a physical sense as well due to pincushion distortion.

That is what a grid looks like without barrel distortion compensation to the source image.
To see things normally the headset is fed an image rendered (corrected) like this

The display itself is 'foveated' with higher density of pixels in the middle vs the edges. Gaze tracking foveated rendering goes on top of that to save resources and make it sharper where you are looking. But can only do so much when the actual perceivable dpi decreases towards the edges.

So yes, there is variable pixel density due to how a lens works

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 27 February 2023