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JuliusHackebeil said:
TallSilhouette said:

Squeezed out enough time to set up my PSVR2 tonight and give it a spin. Had a big stupid grin on my face the whole time. The headset was surprisingly light and comfortable to wear with glasses, though I'm still getting used to operating it. Tried the Star Wars demo for an hour just messing around. Glad to see I'm not too prone to motion sickness though I did start to feel uneasy after about an hour in full motion. I'll be sure to work on improving that length with time and get my sea legs. Can't wait to experience Rez again for the first time in 20 years. :)

Rez was one of my favourites on psvr1. The new additions are absolutely stunning. Super cool vibes. Could not stop playing it. Almost strange that it originally came out so long ago and was not specifically designed for vr. Because it definitely feels like a new game made for vr.

The new stuff must look crazy in PSVR2. And eye-controlled shooting? It is going to be kinds of insane awesomeness.

Selecting dialog choices just by focusing your eyes on them is magical already. Eye controlled shooting, that's how aim assistance works in CotM :)

I spend 6 hours in VR last night, had to quit because it was 3:15 AM already. I can't remember the last time I stayed up that late playing games. (Probably with PSVR1 lol) RE Village is just so amazing to play in VR, map in right hand, flash light in the left. Quick drop the map, knife or gun out, run fuck fuck, hide reload, where did they go. Better not get close to me while playing that game, violent stabbing with the sense controller lol. Up close head shots are on a whole new level in PSVR2. So satisfying to blast them with the shotgun, then you realize they get back up, crap reload, pump, argh another one behind me :)

It gets worse, at some point your right hand gets sliced off, can't use it lol. That was hectic, getting chased by Dimitrescu in the cellars. That's one huge scary women! She might well succeed 'breaking' me before the game is over haha. Holy every encounter is so intense :) Love it.