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I finished CotM, 8/10 for me.

The good: Great visuals, awesome scale, lot of interactive objects, good physics, amazing climbing, great tool set
The bad: Restricted movement while walking, very restricted combat movement, Alloy is only around for a minute, main character talks as much as Alloy while playing

It definitely has tons of wow moments. But it's a shame they went overboard worrying about 'comfort' that combat locks you into an on rails circle strafe. Which isn't comfortable at all when for example stormbirds go behind you and the rotate view is locked out :/ I can't turn 180 degrees on the couch! It also makes little sense to me as there are far wilder movements in the game than you would do in combat. It was much more fun to take out watchers in stealth sections (where you're allowed to move freely) than all the boss fights.

Anyway very solid game, but does have a lot of visible LOD transitions. It's made with Unreal engine and while the draw distance is great, the 'popping' of LOD changes becomes more and more noticeable as you progress higher and higher up the mountain. However up close everything is rock solid, everything feels and looks real. Characters even react to you trying to poke them. Cloth rendering looks very good and everything sways in the wind, foliage reacts to you, it feels real.

Then I started NMS, looks much better than on PSVR1. The dual sense controls look interesting however I didn't get far. The game started me on an extremely hazardous planet and killed me twice already while trying to set up the controls and then try to follow the 'tutorial'. So I turned the survival elements off for the moment, which seemed to break the game. Just an icon stuck in front of me telling me to point to my left wrist and nothing further. Hmm.

At least it lets you play the game as you want, turn blinders off, full movement and rotation, freedom!!! Just not sure yet about the whole point to your wrist to get the menu. Not everything has to be a gesture :/ It's cool at first, but just let me press a button if I'm going to play this for 100 hours... I closed the game since I broke the tutorial, will restart another time. I'm gonna play more RE: Village now :)