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axumblade said:

Not going to lie. The game I’m having the most fun with so far is What The Bat? It’s just absolutely ridiculous

Do I need to beat the other Horizon games before playing the one that came with my PSVR or is it just going to be random subtle references/completely irrelevant to the story?

Also thinking of getting the kayaking game to play stoned. Seems like it’ll be so fun.

Go all the way, play RE Village while stoned, I dare you. It was the most intense gaming experience so far in my 49 years on this planet lol. Can't wait to play more tonight :)

I haven't tried what the bat yet, yet talking about bats and RE, I would love a VR game based on "What we do in the shadows"! Not quite sure what it would be like, you can go so many ways with that series.

Horizon CotM works fine standalone. It does make a lot of references to the main game's world building and history, you might even pick some of it up. It's not essential knowledge though, just helps explain the way you are treated in game.

DonFerrari said:

I would worry about humidity damaging the unit over time

Don't play any races in Kayak VR in that case ;) Got to wipe the head band after lol.