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Conina said:
SvennoJ said:

My wife fared much better with Moss, no motion sickness. However the headset is not comfortably fitting her head, hurts. She's disappointed as she really wanted to continue playing Moss. The sweet spot for good resolution is pretty small, to keep it there the band has to be on tight, too tight for her liking. Sadly one size does not fit all comfortably. Eurogamer lauded this as the most comfortable headset yet, still not good enough.

A small gel pack betweeen forehead and PSVR2-headset works wonder! Very comfortable with it. And in the summer you can also add cooling.

I would worry about humidity damaging the unit over time

axumblade said:

Not going to lie. The game I’m having the most fun with so far is What The Bat? It’s just absolutely ridiculous

Do I need to beat the other Horizon games before playing the one that came with my PSVR or is it just going to be random subtle references/completely irrelevant to the story?

Also thinking of getting the kayaking game to play stoned. Seems like it’ll be so fun.

I think since it is kinda for different HW it wouldn't make sense to demand previous plays.

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