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Bandorr said:

"Microsoft has 58 games already running on PlayStation, Sony only has 2 running on Xbox. We've said that if this acquisition goes through, we're happy to make sure that there's a #59 with Call of Duty and no doubt others."

To get there they are counting the games that were already on the Playstation when they bought out the studio. Yet by that same logic they are forgetting SSO - and hilarious by all nature: Halo 1-3. Oh and destiny etc.

Their PR is just pathetic. It is fake news at its worst. This is stuff I expected to see at the bottom of the barrel fanboy sites.

No, you only think that because you are either unoriginally parroting Sterling, or because you don't understand the situation.  So, for you and everyone else posting similarly I will explain it clearly.

Everything said at any point by anyone at MS from the time they announce the intent to acquire till the time the deal goes through (or is buried) is PR meant entirely for the regulators.  There is nothing to gain by making the company sound like anything other than totally destroyed if the deal doesn't go through.

also, whole yes MS will do more talking than Sony, why do you all bring out the Sony quotes - apparently they are too pathetic and will crumble to dust if the deal goes through, their much vaunted first party means nothing, you see.

Really, i dont know why any does anything other than just move along wrt these quotes, you all know the deal - its a bunch of nonsense that just means "pwease let me buy" or "pwease dont let them buy".

And if you reaction to my post is "no duh, but", well, then explain how its "pathetic"?  Is there some value in either of these companies being more honest to the regulators?  MS should go as "low" as possible and so should Sony.

The only pathetic thing is thinking you are superior to some non human entity over some regulator focused PR that triggers you.

Banned for posts like this.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 26 February 2023