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My wife fared much better with Moss, no motion sickness. However the headset is not comfortably fitting her head, hurts. She's disappointed as she really wanted to continue playing Moss. The sweet spot for good resolution is pretty small, to keep it there the band has to be on tight, too tight for her liking. Sadly one size does not fit all comfortably. Eurogamer lauded this as the most comfortable headset yet, still not good enough.

It digs into my head as well, but I've hit my head so many times in the past 40 years, I don't feel it while playing, just see the grooves after taking the thing off. I do feel it while looking up, which you do quite a lot of in CotM, so I prefer turning the view sideways while climbing so I'm not directly looking at the wall. Looking straight up has the headset digging into the top of nose. No pain no gain lol.

It will get better as headsets get lighter. At least my good open back headphones fit better over PSVR2 compared to PSVR1. Sounds great and the headset stops them just short of putting any pressure on my ears, kinda perfect. I just need a shorter cable for them!