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Welcome to the January 2023 VGChartz estimates thread. Going forward I will be posting one thread per month as we have made changes with the estimates.

Starting with January 2023 estimates we will be posting ALL the weeks of a given month at once PER region/country (Japan, Americas, Europe, RotW). Doing so will give us more data to make our initial estimates more accurate than in the past. Adjustments will still occur when Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony release their quarterly reports, as well as other data that only becomes available once a year or every so many months.

Japan data will be posted first, followed by either Americas or Europe, then the other one, then rest of the world to finish up worldwide data.

@Bandorr has created new tools, so I can post multiple weeks at once, while before I was only able to post data one week at a time. He also created a tool where I can edit an entire weeks worth of data for all platforms. Before I was only able to edit one console and one region at a time.

There are also now 2 Hardware Charts. One shows the weekly data with a drop down that lets you view the sales for all the weeks in the latest month. The second shows the total sales for the latest month. The TBA shows that we haven't posted said data and we have decided to change it to k for thousands rather than displaying all the digits as it was causing an issue with monthly figures being too high and overlapping. 

View the new Hardware Charts below (left is light mode / right is dark mode).

As for the weekly breakdown article for the hardware. It will now be done monthly, but with one written per region - Japan, USA (North America? Americas?), Europe, and Worldwide - rather than just one with worldwide data. 

For the USA breakdown article. Do you want the breakdown to be for the USA or would you want North America? All of Americas?

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