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Ka-pi96 said:

Persona 3 Portable (100%)

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Woo, get to make my first update, beat Persona 3 Portable. Really love that they've ported it to modern platforms. Played it originally on the PS2 but I'm 99% sure I didn't finish it. Probably got about 70% through the main story, I recognised a lot of it playing it this time. But it was great to actually get to the end and beat it this time. The gameplay was a massive improvement from the PS2 FES version. Turn based RPGs NEED full party control. WTF were they thinking with the original version? Really great story. I also really enjoyed the addition of a playable female character. All the slice of life things as a girl were great, kind of how I wish my real life was, but alas.

190 hours to 100% it according to Steam, got a bit grindy at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless!