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Took me a while to post here this year... again. And it's not even a new game, but anyway (also I think I've already played through Ori and the Will of the Wisps once or twice this year, I'm gonna stop listing it here because it's kinda pointless when it's a speedrun game).

New games:
None yet

Games replayed:
- Metroid Prime Remastered (Feb. 11)

This was a worthy one to start the year, all things considered. Goated game. Goated remaster. Got 100% items, though I missed some scan logs (freaking Flaahgra's Tentacles, man). Probably gonna play hard mode soon. Everything looks so good, they put so much effort into it. I spent the whole game just being blown away by every god damn room I entered in. Enter some random room that's just there for a secret missile expansion, oh look, it's the prettiest looking room in history. They didn't need to go this hard, but they did.