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LudicrousSpeed said:

Weird, I finished the game last night and didn’t notice anything “woke” about it. Snowflakes will whine about anything these days.

All I did was go to the Steam community/reviews and there it was lol... And I even had a live viewer when I was streaming it tell me how he Blade's book club tells him all he needs to know about the game's story hahaha... He's actually one of my good stream viewers, but I still ripped him a little having already put in 35 hours by that time telling him that Blade's book club is NOT actually representative of the game's core story.  People get so worked up over such minor things

h2ohno said:

Some people were annoyed because the original comic from the early 90s the game is loosely based on was called 'Midnight Sons' and had an entirely male cast. The character of Caretaker was gender-swapped, the Ghost Rider from the original comic was replaced with a version who didn't exist yet in the 90s and is a minority character, of the original cast only Blade remained and the team was turned from all male to half female along with the way the name was changed.

I can kind of understand people who grew up with the original comic being disappointed that Morbius and Jonny Blaze were replaced by Nico and Robbie Reyes and that the game used so little of the original story and characters, but you've got to accept the story that was told on its own terms and not the one you wish was told.

I personally love the game. I'm obsessed with Magik. I've had a ton of crashes though. If I wasn't enjoying it so much I'd have uninstalled it and never touched it again after so many crashes.

h2ohno said:

The changes they made to the comics versions are pretty interesting.  In the comics Magik was not kidnapped by Mephisto - in fact the two have never met despite both being Hell Lords.  She was kidnapped by a sorcerer named Belasco who has only 1 arm.  They also completely made up everything to do with her birthday.  In the comics there was no trouble at all with her family before she was kidnapped, and the moment she was kidnapped was in this image below.  So in the comics she never would have been bothered by the surprise party.  On the other hand, the parts about her being forced to mercy-kill her only friends and her parents not recognizing her when she first escaped Limbo and rejecting her then were extremely accurate.  They also never made it clear that the portals she opens are her mutant power.

Interesting, I didn't know the birthday thing was entirely made up for this game, though I swear Magik opening portals was implied to be from her being a mutant.  I really liked Magik's character, though, I think they fleshed her out the most!

You having a lot of crashes, though?  I can tell you one thing: I never had any crashes, but my CPU fans would spike to 100% during load sequences and I have no doubt that could easily crash someone's PC.  I have an i9-10900K with a mild overclock... to make my CPU go full heat and full throttle and cause my rad fans to BLAST is usually an indicator that there's poor optimization in the loading methods, heh

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