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I am not a fan of BotW, but I was quite interested in sequel after the first teaser back in 2019 - it felt different to me and was giving me hope that it will be a different (and hopefully much better) game than BotW,

With every new trailer, my hope dwindled a bit to the point that I'm now looking at it as a total conversion mod for BotW...not that it's a bad thing per se, I've seen and played total conversion mods for some games that are actually better than the originals, but from everything I've seen so far, my hype-o-meter has returned to cold 0.

I'll play it nevertheless, I don't skip on Zelda games, and maybe I'll even get surprised, but given my dislike of BotW and how similar this one looks, I somehow doubt it. Then again, I'll be starting from that cold 0, so maybe that's a plus, I guess it can only go up from there.