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Some people were annoyed because the original comic from the early 90s the game is loosely based on was called 'Midnight Sons' and had an entirely male cast. The character of Caretaker was gender-swapped, the Ghost Rider from the original comic was replaced with a version who didn't exist yet in the 90s and is a minority character, of the original cast only Blade remained and the team was turned from all male to half female along with the way the name was changed.

I can kind of understand people who grew up with the original comic being disappointed that Morbius and Jonny Blaze were replaced by Nico and Robbie Reyes and that the game used so little of the original story and characters, but you've got to accept the story that was told on its own terms and not the one you wish was told.

I personally love the game. I'm obsessed with Magik. I've had a ton of crashes though. If I wasn't enjoying it so much I'd have uninstalled it and never touched it again after so many crashes.