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Slownenberg said:

Lol love the couple people trying to downplay how good this game looks, or still trying to lamely say Switch games don't look good, but then comparing Switch (a handheld system) to 2 year old consoles. Obviously a 7 year old handheld doesn't have as good graphics as 2 year old consoles lol. But nothing about that fact doesn't mean Switch games don't look great. Ultimate face palm.

Switch games look great and Retro completely redid the graphics for this game and it looks outstanding. They kept the art direction the same but completely overhauled everything from the 3D models to textures to lighting to particle effects. Basically it just looks like how the original looked when it came out: gorgeous!! In comparison videos you can really see that they graphically rebuilt everything to be up to high modern standards.

No one's complaining that Switch games don't look better than the ones on 2 year old consoles. They don't look better than those on 9 year old consoles either but again, not the point. The problem I feel personally, is that because the technology used to create games is now so far ahead of what the Switch can do, that developers struggle to make games look any decent on the console - as in, most games look cheaper on the Switch now, than on earlier consoles of similar specs (PS3, 360, Wii U).

I've been playing the Prime Remaster and honestly I think they did a great job on it. For the most part it looks way better than the original and it's easily one of the best looking games on the Switch, probably the best at 1080p 60fps. The stream footage didn't do it justice, to be honest. But while they certainly tried to keep the same art style, there is a different feel to it. And some little things I think they just straight up got wrong - most notably the doors, some effects like the morph ball bombs or enemy shockwaves, and the scan icons (which I still wish had been entirely replaced by the improved scan visor of the sequels). Overall things just look a little shinier and more "Unreal Engine 4" than the original's grittier feel. Still, it was visibly done by people who cared about the original and wanted to deliver an improved version of it, for the most part they succeeded.